About Commissions For Missions

Missions. Are you excited when you hear reports of what God is doing through missionaries around the globe – but discouraged because you are unable to financially support missions more?

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The Need

Do you desire to see missions expand, but then become frustrated and discouraged when you see that missionaries must come off the field to raise more support?

So what’s 1 thing you can do about it?  Shop @ CommissionsForMissions.com through the links on the page of your favorite mission board!

CommissionsForMissions.com was created to for 2 reasons.

First, to provide a way for you to support missions through your common, online purchases.

Second, to provide funds for mission agencies to do the work of the Great Commission throughout the world.

This method of supporting missions should not replace direct giving to and praying for mission agencies or missionaries. It merely provides an additional outlet for you to support the work of missions.

How The Mission Agencies Were Chosen

Each of these mission agencies were chosen because they are:

1. Scripturally sound

2. Evangelistically-focused

3. Separated from apostasy

None of these agencies approached CommissionsForMissions.com about their receiving support through this site. However, all are aware that they are receiving funds through sales commissions generated by online purchases.

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Learn more about the owners of this site