How It Works

When you decide to buy online, come to

You will find a list of mission boards on the left.

Click on the mission board you would like to support.

After clicking, you will be taken to that mission board’s page.  Once there, you will see an alphabetical list of your favorite storesFind the name of the store where you want to shop.

When you click on that store’s name, you  will be taken to that store.

Shop as you normally would. After completing your purchase, the store will give a percentage of the sales price.

At least 50% of what earns will go to the mission board you selected.

As revenue from this site increases, a higher percentage of the sales price will be given to mission boards.

Greg and Ruth Bartlett, the owners of, are preparing to be missionaries to train nationals in the proclamation of the gospel.

So, click on a mission board, go to a store through a link on their page, buy your items, and your chosen mission board will receive at least 50% of the commissions earned.

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